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39 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Jn says:

    Someone hacked my friends account on smule and sent really bad messages targeting me and a few other friends. Now my smule account is frozen too. Would you guys be able to locate the hacker? How he or she logged on I mean which device And possibly get their smule password their names and where abouts?

  2. Ruben Diaz says:

    I want to be able to monitor my son’s phone activities. Does his iphone need to be jailbroken and/or do you have to know his apple credentials to successfully hack it?

  3. Gilly says:


    I need to hack into my gf I phone 6, she is acting weird and hiding her phone, sure she has a back door messenger in her emails, need to be able to see what she is typing on her phone.

    Can anyone help?


  4. Kit says:

    Looking to gain access to someone’s fb
    Messenger and read their messages without them knowing. Is this possible?

  5. pia says:

    I need help to sendt a massege on massenger from ona acount to another.
    In norwegian. ( i can tell what too type)
    Can somone help me?
    And what will it cost?

  6. Jony says:

    I need below items from a website’s.
    1. cPanel link
    2. Username (cPanel)
    3. Password (cPanel)
    Note: The previous user name and password will be required. No change can be made.

  7. Neil Southey says:

    I need someone to create a webpage by copying another one.

    I need it to be the first one to appear on Google search.

    I just want to let people know the truth about said website.

  8. Vedic says:

    Need to hack a smartphone and a gmail password ?? I can afford to spend 350 $ as per my financial condition as im fighting a divorce alumni case..can u do it ??

    • Guitarman says:

      Can .you get access to a remote Whatsapp account with 90 days history and ongoing data? I know android phone mobile number

  9. Abdullah says:

    I want to hack instagram account without changing the password and i want to get the phone number for this account can you help with that? And if i have the instagram account for this person can you hack this iphone for me and i see all the massges and apps in this iphone
    Waiting you replu

  10. Hello. I’m korean. Korean gambling sites are illegal. So there is a way to make money by hacking and manipulating the database to change the outcome of gambling. Is it possible ?

  11. jose says:

    I need to hire hacker to see what a competitor is doing , what kind of marketing campaigns he promote on social media and also old campaigns

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