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  1. Bon Jovi says:

    Hello sir,

    I am looking to retrieve a document, maybe 2, from the UK births and

    Basically, I know of a gentleman who has changed his identity and doesn’t
    want anyone else to know of his old name/life.

    I would like someone if they can get the original form that authorized the
    name change. I know his old name/new name, and date of birth, place of
    birth, parents names etc
    Is this something you can achieve?

    Thank you.

    Bon Jovi.

  2. Shajida Begum says:

    Hi sir, Can I get help to get my girlfriend back? Someone took her from me, now she I don’t have her contact, but that guy phone number I have. Please help me🙏 I want get my love back. Just help to hack WhatsApp, I will pay well for that, please help me Thank you

  3. Bro, I forget my, snapchat account password, and due to some reasons I’ve not linked any email, or any phone number to it,
    Plzz help me if you can

  4. Neha Trivedi says:

    Sir want to delete Instagram I lost my phone but I have I’d and password n it’s showing phishing plz can you help me?

  5. Aditya Tiwari says:

    My age is 15 years and my facebook account is hacked and the the hacker who did it he has changed my number and email from my facebook account I need help from you to recover my account.

  6. Star says:

    I texted y’all not to long ago about finding someone to get into my Instagram that was hacked information was changed and it’s disabled I am ready to proceed

  7. Sadhana says:

    Hi Team,

    Want to hack a phone, is it possible to hack phone with only mobile number with out physical access to android phone.

  8. Nancy says:

    I Urgently need a professional hacker to hack password for a gmail’s email address. Please contact me soon as possible, thanks!

  9. Ishida says:

    I need someone of ur professional team to hack an iphone.
    I would like to hack in this iPhone and need liveinformations.

  10. jon says:

    i need to hack my ex’s icloud and iphone to delete all explicit pictures and videos she has of me which she is threatening to send to all my family and friends. can you heko

  11. James j says:

    I need to hack into my coworkers iPhone. We took pictures together and I need to know if she deleted them or not. I need access tall all her albums and Facebook. Have her phone number to start

  12. Chaoui says:

    Need help to wipe out a Facebook page that is anonymously bullying and harassing people.
    Can you do that. We are a no profit group and we budgeted $200 for this project. Can someone help us?

  13. I Want To Stay Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a lot of money but I really need my google gmail back. I’ve had it for about 5-6 years and it has lots of google Docs/PDF’s and Slideshows. I recently changed the password but my computer didn’t update it and I forgot it

  14. Someone hacked my account and changed my info. Didn’t do anything with it but Facebook is still refusing to give me my account back. I can show proof of ID, passport, FaceTime whatever. They just say because Covid it’s taking them too long to process my Id verification. My Instagram is still even linked to it but I can’t log in and they changed my email.

  15. Dilip says:

    I need to know WhatsApp messenges of my target phone number. I have only target phone number that’s it sir. Can you help me sir.

  16. Audrey says:

    My Facebook account was hacked, email address changed and a 2 factor authentication set up. I have attempted on multiple times to get into my account but without the 2 factor authentication I cannot get in. I received the email regarding the email change and went through the process of stating I did not make the changes but it was too late as the hacker already set up the 2 fact authentication.

  17. pardeep singh says:

    i need you,r help , iam from india , punjan . last night my email account was hacked i was my personal account link with my school and other places . my visa result is also coming soon on that account i want you to help me to recover my account . the hacker change all the account info as well as recovery mobile number.
    waiting for reply

  18. Kristin says:

    Help, i need a hacker to recover passwords on old accounts that i only have the phone number too. So i can search for old photos of my deceased fiancee. Can they do that and how much would it be.?

  19. Teya says:

    Was being followed by a fake Instagram account, and I need to find out where an Instagram account was created (IP Address and location).

  20. don says:

    How much would it be to access an old Gmail account with two step verification? I don’t have access to the old phone number or email associated with it.

  21. Marcus says:

    Please contact me, my partner is using my money all the time , and she is cheating , would like hack into her social media , email and phone

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