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  1. drago says:

    hi, i’m interested in hacking the iphone, to be able to see and read everything that goes on it, and how much it will cost me and the password for the iphone 8 account

  2. Alex says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for someone who can help me to spy my wife’s iPhone XS. I need all data (sms, WhatsApp, telegram and …)
    Can you help me with it?

  3. Breathrose says:

    I ask for a special service, it’s about deleting photos from some news site in Italy. The availability of remuneration is assured, has completed work. I hope you have, including that it is all serious, from the work done to payment according to your instructions. Have a nice day. Please agree. It’s all going to be a flash.

  4. HW33 says:

    I have an exam coming up in two weeks on examsoft where they have you download the exam before hand, would you be able to get the answers to the exam?

  5. rishab says:

    i want to hack into my friends phone & get access like whatsapp messages,ct details,GPS details
    also need to change my college grades.

  6. KT says:

    Hello, I have been unable to log in to my instagram account. Every time I try to log in, it shows me a “suspicious log in attempt” alert. I emailed Instagram about the problem, but they cannot verify my account without an email address. I have no idea what email I used to create this account. I’m looking for someone who can tell me the email address associated with this account. Then, I will be able to sign in to this email account and verify that the account belongs to me. Thanks.

  7. Rahim says:

    I would like to hack a whatsapp and a gmail account with fb
    the country of target is in Paistan area code – +92
    please let me know the cost and process ASAP

  8. Squirrel says:

    I am interested in a multiple job hack. 1 Facebook account, 1 Instagram account, 1 email account, 2 Snap chat accounts, and 1 KIK account.
    I would also like to hack an iPhone and gain access to all social media apps, texts, pictures, videos, and location.
    Lastly if possible I would like to trace the info(name and location) of a user on the Whisper App.

  9. mo mo says:

    I wanna to change my grades & i sent the money, but they didn’t reply yet and i am waiting to complete my task asap

  10. Dredgen Yor says:

    I need a Hacker to trace someone for me, and SWAT them if possible or, handle them yourselves and make them REGRET fucking with my girlfriend, they’re constantly harassing her and I want them to stop harassing her.

  11. TOPE says:

    there is a website i will like you to hack for me and i have all the source code of the website .php but i dont have database i dont login for cpanel

  12. hi, I want you to hack the official UCAT database examination. UCAT is a test required for medicine and it is given online/ on-screen. would you be able to hack the UCAT system and reveal the questions of the test? Money is not a problem.

    thank you and let me know if it is possible

  13. PIERRE ANTOINE says:

    I need mobile hacking for both Android and other type of devices in France : I don’t know the kind of device, and don’t have physicall access to the device. I would like mobile numbers trackind and conversations. Hear the surrounding of the phone. Access to text messages. Call logs and recording for both incoming and outgoing calls, live location, emais, media accounts won’t be useful. I’d like to hear the surrounding.
    Could you give me the garanties you offer that the job will be done. What is your price and the way of payment.
    Thanks a lot and Thank you for your answer.

  14. Ayay says:

    Hi I would like to hack someone’s Snapchat without them knowing . Please let me know if possible and how much

  15. Shirley says:

    Hello can u hack a game account called league of legends.
    Can i just get this account password. And how much is it? How can i pay

  16. Krypton says:

    Is is possible to change University grades? Especially if you have not attended that university in a awhile. IF so please do reply.

  17. Shawn Dickerson says:

    I need iPhone X full access
    Specifically, I need access to WhatsApp, Signal (past and future messages)
    SMS/IMessage, Photos
    Anonymous, cannot be detectable
    I have phone number and Apple ID

  18. Marcos Alvarez says:

    Trying to get access to an iphone. I will get access to the device and see everything everyday or only one time hack.

  19. Tsing says:

    I should need the pasword of an office . com email address. Can you help me in this? In how much time would you be able to provide me the password?

  20. Leniusa says:

    Hi I need a cell phone to be hacked and retrieval deleted WhatsApp messages, and also an email hack. I have I few question
    1) what does the cell phone hack include am I be able to listen to the incoming and outgoing calls?
    How much it is the hack?
    How long does it take?

  21. Marios says:

    Hello I would like to get access to my wifes phone please it wil be save my life!!
    Cheating partner. Please tell me if is something there that you can help me..
    I want to see if its possible everything on her phone and to listen..please inform me
    what can u do for me.. Thank you.

  22. Jezza says:

    Scammed on a dating site, found who my money was sent to, found his mobile number, now I want his bank account hacked. Can you do this?

  23. A33 says:

    Hi, does iPhone hacking means that you have access to whatsapp, text messaging, messenger and Instagrarm conversations and GPS tracking?
    Would it work only with a phone number? Outside U.S.?


  25. Cody Joseph says:

    I have a high suspicion that my finacee is cheating on me. I need to get access to her phone and facebook.

  26. danielle merritt says:

    hi, i dont want trouble but would like to hire someone just to look at some messages.
    to get an inside look as to what this guy is saying about me. as hes told lies b4. if u can unblock that would also be great as long as it dosent look like its been hacked.
    Thank you

  27. brian says:

    need to hack my gf iPhone need to see her text messages, call history, facebook messages, any deleted files, can you help?

  28. Trevor says:

    I suspect my wife is cheating on me.

    🤬 I desperately need to hire a hacker!!!

    Do you have a hacker who can find out someone’s Snapchat password and/or their location if their location is turned off on Snapchat? If so, I would like to hire you right away. ASAP please contact me immediately if you can help Thank u

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m considering to purchase a service to change my school grade. Could you reply to this comment if you offer the service?

  30. Tomasz says:


    I need to recover my cryptocurrency from one of cryptocurrency exchange, because my transaction stucks and it is lasting for a long time. Please help me.

  31. dan houtz says:

    need an iphone hacked giving me access to texts, photos, phone calls, gps locations and facebook at the least. can provide phone number and icloud username only. can you help?

  32. angel says:

    erased messages from my WhatsApp that i really need back and I am not sure i back-up the phone. I tried a few things online but haven’t had luck, also like to mention I am not tech savvy so I might just be doing it wrong, nevertheless I need it done asap.

  33. nuno says:

    good night
    you can access one email account and then another account.
    If possible, indicate what is necessary
    I’m waiting for your feedback

  34. Jorge says:

    Wife is cheating texting sending videos and pictures, I need her iPhone hacked and want to be able to see her camera roll, albums and cloud videos and pictures

    • I’m lookig to provide 4 emails and 4 cell phone numbers. I’m looking for a weekly report on all emails/cell phones that have been sent.
      –> I don’t want a user name and password; but, rather just a report that shows all sent items.

      I would like to pay via money transfer and not some kind of a complicated bitcoin thing.

      If this works, let me know how much does this cost?

  35. Mariam Malik says:

    Hack USA android remotely without physical access. Older Samsung phone with a USA number in Florida.
    On T-Mobile network with unlimited internet .
    Please tell me how much you charge and how long does it take to deliver?

  36. Karl says:

    Hi, Are you capable of cracking passwords , passwords that are long , strong, contain upper & lower case letters, numbers , special characters , also may have salt ( pepper ) hashing ? Thank you for your time.

  37. ahmed says:

    Hi there
    I need your help in accessing a phone for one whatsapp message only. this is an ethical related thing and i need your help but i want you to reduce fee. thanks

  38. Tracey carlin says:

    Is bitcoin the only way to make payment, and what all info will I need to provide about target phone

  39. Tracey carlin says:

    My husband is cheating, guards his phone as if it were the holy grail. I want to be able to access his texts, call logs, and contacts names and numbers because he uses fictitious names to hide who he is calling

  40. Sheheryar says:

    Hi, im looking to hire a hacker to break into an android device (samsung Note 8) operating on Australia’s Optus network. I wish to have access to:
    Call logs
    Text messages
    GPS location
    Installed applications (just the list of apps is ok)

    I dont want access to third party apps data on the phone as i understand its more complicated. So i need a basic hack job as I dont have physical access to the phone whatsoever. I can however help in sending a link (disguised to be an online article of interest) to the user which they will open up. The user isnt very tech savvy and i dont think there are any special security softwares installed on their phone.

    Please let me know if you are interested in this job? If yes, what would be the timeframe and how much will it cost me?

  41. Jaska R says:

    Dear Team,

    I would like to have access to a Facebook account without the user knowing.
    Please advise if this is possible and relay the charges if so.

    Thank you.

  42. Shavon Bridgeforth says:

    I need access to my boyfriend’s phone. I believe he’s cheating. Need some help? Can’t believe I’m even asking but can you help me?

  43. perdido says:

    I’d like to get a facebook messenger account password. Is there a way to gain access to old message on there as well?

  44. AB says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in gaining email registrants for my real estate business from a Home builder site. I need to send a mass amount of eblasts to clients for new project launches etc. I simply need an email list and I know that they have thousands. If you can help us, it would be greatly appreciated. They have a few registrant lists – but It should be fairly straight forward. If you need a database from another site, I can provide another option.
    Thank you – Please email response

  45. Jaiganesh says:

    Need to hack a Whatsapp Account and also would like to know for how many back dated days, the data can be retreived even if its deleted from the phone.

  46. Jmill says:

    I suspect my fiance is cheating she gets texts at all hours of the night and goes into the garage when making calls. When I ask to see he phone she deletes messages before giving it to me.

  47. Confidential says:


    Need to hack a facebook account and tagged account of a person + some personal pictures that individual have in laptop, can you do it for me without knowing him

    Please advice ?

  48. Sarah says:


    If I hack someone smartphone, what I will have exactly?? Do I get social media password and logs, call logs ???? How much for one smartphone

  49. Ehsan says:

    one of bet sites stolen my money and changed the bet then i losed all my money!!!
    are there any way to get back my money?!
    im ready to pay u

    please contact me
    regards Ehsan <3

  50. Puryear10 says:

    I believe the other companies in my field are colluding to beat my prices. I would like to get into several email addresses on the same server and address. I do not want to leave any kind of trail behind.

  51. siobhan says:

    Hi There,

    I need to urgently get a student number from an Institution in South Africa to state that I received a qualification in marketing from them. I have less then 24 hours to submit this to Human Resources who will be using it to do a background check on me. I have produced a fake diploma, but now they want to run it with a student number online which I need to get.

  52. Karl says:

    I am looking to get into a facebook account but the email address as been deleted but it is still used to access the account. Is it possible to hack a proton mail account?

  53. matt Hyde says:

    Hi I want you to hack an apple id or a btinternet email. Can you do this and how much? Can I pay by western union and what proofs do you provide?

  54. mounsar says:

    i want hack a personal hotmail address until 4 January. i must learn password. before, you should screenshot mail inbox and outbox. and share with me. after, i pay your money. and you give password. but, mail owner mustn’t know this.Can you do this? if you can do, how much?

    • Architect says:

      We offers a top of the line totally anonymous bearer share company bank account with internet banking and a credit card in a privacy friendly jurisdiction. No ID, no utility bill, no references required.

      Taxation – International Business Companies are not subject to taxation within the host country so long as you conduct business OUTSIDE the country.

      Restrictions on Name and Activity – An off the self bearer share company is selected for this bearer share company account.

      Bank requires a USD 1,000 opening deposit (included with your order) which is available as soon as your account is opened in order for you to receive their valuable credit card.

      Documents and Information Required:

      No ID, utility bill or references are required. Just your order, payment an an email address.

      Time Frame – The whole processes for this setup is normally completed in around 4 working days respectively.

      This program” includes:

      *Company & company bank account owned by two other jurisdiction companies one acting as the shareholder and the other company acting as the director for a total of three companies.
      * You hold all companies and control everything
      * Internet banking
      * Valuable company name debit/credit card issued by the bank.

      In a nutshell you’ll receive an off the shelf Central American bearer share company with a list of company names available for your perusal.

      The requirement for this bearer share company is that there must be at least one shareholder and one director. If they are a person, then they must disclose the identity with a copy of their passport and utility bill.

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