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Please also note ( especially for new customers) That we only use one email contact for support.

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Web/Database Hacking, System Hacking Service, Post Removal, Facebook Hacking Service, Email Hacker for Hire, Phone Hacking Service, CustomizedHacking, Password Recovery, Exploit Development

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373 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wade J. Boyd says:

    I would like to hire you guys to hack my wifes facebook messenger so I can see who she is messaging and the messages if all possible.

  2. lucifer says:

    my request is basically planting an info in a governmental system in the middle east. is that possible? if yes, contact me.

  3. My account on a gaming website called imvu was hacked, I want to know if it’s possible to counter hack the person and get my account back? I’m not doing well in the money department but please give me a price as well for how much this service will cost. Thank you .

  4. Mary says:

    Hello I need phone hacking for iPhone to get calls txts and all media info and location and everything. I only have phone number can u do this.

  5. CJ says:

    Yes I need to hack my wife facebook messenger she cheated on me once so I’m trying to find out if she did it again please help I am on a budget but I’m desperate

  6. zubair shaik says:

    i need a hacker of instagram
    can u plz help me.,
    i try many ways but i think your are the best
    plz ,i request you to help me..

  7. Connie says:

    I need someone to hack a whatup account and delete what I sent to this person. All my details and my number from the other whatup account.
    How can you do it? Price please.

  8. Laura says:


    I’ve been seeing this guy for a bit who turned out to a user lying ass hole, who then proved he was sleeping with other girls by messaging my sister. I want to gain access to his Instagram messages and his texts to expose him for the shit he is. How much would this cost, as I am a broke student in a pandemic lol.

  9. Mandeep Kaur says:

    hi, I’d like to hack a yahoo account which is my own because i have forgotten password and don’t remember my recovery email id and phone number. can u please help me on this & how much will it cost?

  10. Giulia V says:

    hi, I’d like to know hack a whatsapp account. I can’t get access to his phone, I only have is number. the important thing is that he has not to know it. is it possibile for you and, in this case, how much will it cost?
    thanks in advance.

  11. Hello I want my grades changed to all grade Bs I would say As but will it looks obvs? Also I have certificates is there anyway I could get evidence of them being changed?

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