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  1. ayates says:

    I am looking for a android samsung galaxy access (NOT 2FA protected). Have phone number, email and company tied to the phone.

  2. Parde says:

    Need to hack my gf phone vivo android, as i am cheated. I know her synced gmail id of her mobile. Also know her password of that but she has changed password now.

  3. Simar says:

    I forgot my Gmail account password n i don’t have backup code ..i have only my phone number those attached with Gmail n my old password please help me I want to hack my Gmail account i will pay for it ❣️

  4. Techie geek says:

    Hi Team,

    I suspect that my wife is cheating on me.
    I want to read her whatsapp messages.
    Can you kindly let me know if you can hack her watsapp account.


  5. Hashi Mohallim says:

    I need someone who can load money into my bank account urgently so that I can be free and afford to pay off a lot of the things that I need to pay off. Thank you and please reach back to me via email.

  6. Naheed says:

    Sir, my girlfriend using Facebook in browser due to this I am unable to find out the name of persons with whom she is chating, I have already used two spy apps but not succeed, I know the link of Facebook I’d of persons on which I have doubt.kindly tell me the solution

  7. Pat says:

    I need a phone hacked. Also, there needs to be a way for me to know that this is not a scam before i spend my money. I’ve been scammed before I don’t want to be again.Please let me know if this will work.

    Thank you,

  8. Naz says:

    Is it possible to monitor and access a mobile phone content without gaining access to it and install required software remotely?

    • Aidan Kalsi says:


      Someone has made multiple fake social media accounts using my name. I would like them taken down and to find out who made the fake social media accounts. Also there are now multiple negative links to my name on google and I would like them removed.


  9. Jatin Bhattacharyya says:

    need a hacker to recover my email account. Someone Stolen my email password, and delete my recovery phone no. and email I’d. it’s urgent. hope you will contact me soon. Contact Me at my email I’d, given below.

  10. erndawg says:

    I notice the price and and to get an account taken down let’s say WhatsApp would I be paying separate theirs at least 4 groups I want destroyed banned terminated that’s it so would that mean I would have to pay 4 separate

  11. tarun Joshi says:

    Help me I need Bank account hack .I’ll pay you good money for this. And I’ll share both of information

  12. Sunny says:

    I would like to access my partners phone. Since she left to a different country for work she hardly speaks to me. This is my only family and I feel there is something wrong and i would like to have full access to her phone including whats app. How much will you charge?

  13. Mario says:

    I need someone to hack and delete my cheating husband’s Instagram account. He’s cheating on me with people that he’s met there.

  14. Angela says:

    I recently got engaged. I feel like my boyfriend has not been honest. I just want to see who he is messaging on snap chat before making a huge life mistake. This is my first time doing something like this. I have no idea what is okay or not okay. I am only looking for just his snap chat nothing else.

  15. I am interested in your services! Particulary in the smart phone department. I want to get a price and see what that all includes. Need Help asap!!!

  16. mahi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I search from google and get your website link,

    I would like to share my requirements and let me explain.

    requirement is need to transfer amount from coinbase wallet to coinbase trading account

    i will pay your charges from Coinbase wallet only.

    let me know if anything is required from my side.

    Please help, I will pay your fees.

    Thank you in advance.

  17. Steven Bowers says:

    hello, im looking for a hacker to find out if my girlfriend is cheating on me again
    and want to know how much it will cost to retrieve deleted facebook messages and some snap chat messages

  18. Gowtham Rajendran says:

    Hi I need to delete my videos from a phone. That person is black mailing me for money for my videos. He uses android mobile from Delhi, india. I will give more information once you reply

  19. Wajid Lashari says:

    Hello dear How Are you
    Im personality sad please help me i need a Facebook hack how much Price i wait for you’re answer

  20. quimkaproblem says:

    Hello I need phone hacking for Anroid phone to get calls txts and all media info and to erase all. I only have phone number can u do this.

  21. Raj says:

    Hello Expert,

    I need a help to access completely my friends phone and monitor all activity.
    I need all the communication message in all the social media apps and all the call history from last 5 year.

    Please revert, if you can help me on this. Looking for genuine and reliable service.

    Thank you

  22. Jules says:

    I really need help! Someone close to me (think my husband knows or set it in motion & is pleading the fifth) Keeps hacking my phones, iCloud, Apple ID, Facebook, emails etc Pretty much my whole life has been taken over. Please please please contact me. I need help!!! I for the life of me don’t k ow why it is happening.

  23. Michael Lunt says:

    I am being harassed by a fake Facebook profile and need to see who it is behind it… any information would be helpful.

  24. Sarah says:

    Need to hack an android cell phone. I want to see text, pics, snapchat and facebook messenger. Is this something you can do?

  25. Wade J. Boyd says:

    I would like to hire you guys to hack my wifes facebook messenger so I can see who she is messaging and the messages if all possible.

  26. lucifer says:

    my request is basically planting an info in a governmental system in the middle east. is that possible? if yes, contact me.

  27. My account on a gaming website called imvu was hacked, I want to know if it’s possible to counter hack the person and get my account back? I’m not doing well in the money department but please give me a price as well for how much this service will cost. Thank you .

  28. Mary says:

    Hello I need phone hacking for iPhone to get calls txts and all media info and location and everything. I only have phone number can u do this.

    • I need an old Instagram account deleted. I no longer have the password for it and the email and phone number I used to make the account are no longer working. The account hasn’t been used in over 7 years. Please get back to me. Thank you.

  29. CJ says:

    Yes I need to hack my wife facebook messenger she cheated on me once so I’m trying to find out if she did it again please help I am on a budget but I’m desperate

  30. zubair shaik says:

    i need a hacker of instagram
    can u plz help me.,
    i try many ways but i think your are the best
    plz ,i request you to help me..

  31. Connie says:

    I need someone to hack a whatup account and delete what I sent to this person. All my details and my number from the other whatup account.
    How can you do it? Price please.

  32. Laura says:


    I’ve been seeing this guy for a bit who turned out to a user lying ass hole, who then proved he was sleeping with other girls by messaging my sister. I want to gain access to his Instagram messages and his texts to expose him for the shit he is. How much would this cost, as I am a broke student in a pandemic lol.

  33. Mandeep Kaur says:

    hi, I’d like to hack a yahoo account which is my own because i have forgotten password and don’t remember my recovery email id and phone number. can u please help me on this & how much will it cost?

  34. Giulia V says:

    hi, I’d like to know hack a whatsapp account. I can’t get access to his phone, I only have is number. the important thing is that he has not to know it. is it possibile for you and, in this case, how much will it cost?
    thanks in advance.

  35. Hello I want my grades changed to all grade Bs I would say As but will it looks obvs? Also I have certificates is there anyway I could get evidence of them being changed?

  36. Alex Rich says:

    Hi, I need to hack Iphone XR of my cheating husband and retrieve all the deleted messages from Whatsapp and Telegram Messenger dating back to July 2019. is this possible if so how much would it cost?

  37. Paul says:

    Hi. I need to get someone’s apple password. I have the apple I’d. I don’t have a lot of money, just need help.

  38. Fabiana says:

    I need to recover my Facebook account. There’s a issue with the two authentication feature which is preventing me from logging in and I need help

  39. yasmine says:

    hello , i tried everything ever since my hotmail has been hacked…there was important emails there , i think an ex hacked it right after i left him ! ,i really need it ..i want to know how much is it going to cost to get my first email i have created ever please…i don’t remember much of info now and they of course changed everything…will u be able to help??

  40. Rick says:

    I need remote access to an iPhone with a phone number address and some personal information. Looking to maintain remote viewing.

  41. Karina Fadeeva says:

    Hello, I need to hack an instagram account and ensure that the target has no way of knowing that it’s being hacked. I need to see what my boyfriend has been hiding the whole time

  42. tim says:

    need an iPhone hacked, i believe i have the correct credentials for it. need to track location in real time and listen in on mic also any other features you can provide. need ongoing access 3-12 months.

  43. Boz says:

    Need help hacking phones old calls and texts, plus old face book messanger chats from march and April 2019 I know phone number, I can not get phone or person. what do I need to doThank you

  44. Do you have the capability of deleting text from a news reporting Web site?

    Please tell me the price of your service and details of ways you prove your service?

  45. Damian Pietraszek says:

    Someone has my naked pictures. Received threats to exploit it to my family if I don’t pay more. I have cash app address and phone number can you help?

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